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At Familypool, we stand out as your trusted partner in everything related to swimming pools in Mallorca. Our expertise ranges from the construction of concrete pools to the comprehensive repair and maintenance of residential and community pools. We differentiate ourselves from other pool companies in Mallorca by offering tailored solutions, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a swift response to your needs.

Planning to build a pool? Looking for a maintenance service tailored to your needs? Our team of highly qualified professionals is at your disposal. Using cutting-edge techniques and a personalized approach, we ensure each service not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

In summary, if you're looking for excellence, innovation, and personalized attention in pool construction and maintenance in Mallorca, Familypool is your ideal choice. From elegant designs to advanced maintenance functionalities, Familypool is dedicated to delivering the best swimming pool services in Mallorca.

Swimming pool services in Mallorca

Our pool services cover everything needed to ensure the perfect functionality and aesthetics of your pool. From initial design to construction and regular maintenance, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making your pool a genuine haven of tranquility and enjoyment.

Pool construction and renovation

Our pool construction and renovation services stand out for their adaptation to Mallorca's unique environment. We create aquatic spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional and sustainable, using premium materials and advanced technologies.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Dive into realizing your ideal space with our custom designs that harmoniously blend with Mallorca's landscape. As professional pool designers and installers in Mallorca, we offer a variety of solutions, including concrete pools, prefabricated ones, and other innovative styles. The construction process begins with understanding your desires and needs. We use high-quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure your pool is not just beautiful but also sustainable and easy to maintain. From elegant infinity pools to innovative eco-friendly pools, our team takes care of every detail to create your perfect oasis.

At Familypool, we not only excel in pool construction but also in the remodeling and renovation of swimming pools. Whether you're looking to update the style, improve functionality, or increase the sustainability of your pool, we have you covered! In each design, our passion for excellence is reflected in the uniqueness and quality of our pools. Our staff, highly skilled in pool remodeling and renovation, plans and executes each project from scratch, ensuring unmatched quality.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Pool repair service

We offer a comprehensive pool repair service in Mallorca. We provide solutions to all kinds of issues your pool may face, from water leaks and rust to repairing water pumps, motors, or skimmers. Our goal is that each repair not only addresses the current problems but also enhances the overall quality of your pool.

At Familypool, we understand that proper repair and maintenance are crucial for keeping your pool in optimal condition. Hence, our repair service encompasses a wide range of solutions for any issue that may arise with your pool.

As a leading swimming pool company in Mallorca, our goal is to provide a service that ensures your pool's functionality, safety, aesthetics, and durability. Our specialized technical team takes care of installing and repairing all essential pool components and accessories (filters, valves, pumps, motors, skimmers, drains, and overflow systems), and also offers advanced repair solutions. These include leak detection, pool re-grouting, waterproofing, rust removal, and maintaining cleaning systems like Pool Valet, Top Clean, and Net Clean.

In short, we commit to offering comprehensive repair service that extends your pool's lifespan and ensures every swim is a safe experience.

Pool maintenance services

We place at your disposal a complete pool maintenance service, including regular cleaning, filter checks, chemical balancing, and preparation for different seasons. We ensure your pool is always ready for enjoyment, with crystal-clear water and efficiently functioning systems.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Our pool maintenance service in Mallorca is thorough and meticulous, covering all necessary aspects to ensure your pool is always in top condition. We handle regular cleaning of the pool and filters, ensuring crystal-clear water and efficient filtration systems. In addition, we perform the replacement of lamps and other essential elements to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of your pool.

Our expert team also takes care of starting and conditioning your pool for the various seasons, conducting thorough inspections of the equipment and preparing them for winter. In cases of green water, we apply effective treatments to restore clarity and healthiness of the water.

We pay special attention to accurate chlorine and pH measurements, ensuring chemical levels are always balanced for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. With Familypool, rest assured that every aspect of your pool maintenance is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Pool company in Mallorca

Solutions for your pool problems

We specialize in building new pools, remodeling, repairing, and providing year-round maintenance at the most competitive prices guaranteed. Based in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, our reach extends across the entire island, ensuring top-tier pool services wherever you are. Contact our Mallorca pool company and request a free quote for your next project without obligation. From the inception of a brand-new pool to essential repairs and efficient maintenance plans, we're dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions that address all your pool needs.

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  • Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca
  • Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca
  • Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca
  • Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca
  • Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca
  • Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Why choose Familypool for your pool?

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca


With over 30 years of experience in the Mallorca pool market, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the industry.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca


We understand that each case is unique. Therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions that adapt to the needs and preferences of each project.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca


We accompany you at every stage: design, construction, maintenance, and repair. Our multidisciplinary team takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca


We provide a complimentary, no-obligation pool evaluation. An expert from our team will assess your pool and equipment on-site, offering you a tailored budget proposal.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca


From the moment you contact us, whether by phone, email, or through our website, we assure you personalized and prompt service.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Commitment to

We have a team of experts that ensures the highest quality of work in every service or project we undertake.

Water treatment company

Our company also performs water treatments for pools, cisterns, spas, and homes in Mallorca. We dedicate ourselves to providing solutions that ensure safety and health, ensuring that every drop of water meets the highest standards of purity and cleanliness. The importance of proper water treatment lies not only in maintaining its cleanliness and clarity but also in ensuring that it is free from pathogens and contaminants.

Our service is characterized by thorough and periodic maintenance, using state-of-the-art products and advanced techniques to guarantee water quality. This approach contributes to creating a healthy environment for your family, neighbors, and clients. Additionally, it helps prolong the life of your aquatic facilities, preventing major problems and generating significant time and money savings in the long term.

By opting for our service, you will benefit from consistently optimal water, translating into a safe and healthy aquatic environment for everyone. With our extensive experience and commitment, you can trust us to care for this vital element in your daily life.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

In the domestic sphere, we treat home water through osmosis systems and water softeners. These advanced technologies ensure that your home's water is pure, soft, and healthy, ideal for daily consumption and your family's everyday needs.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

To maintain your pool most efficiently, consider:

  • Filtration timing
  • Filter medium
  • Dosage

Proper management of these three points translates into savings, comfort, and health.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Cistern treatment requires a specialized approach due to its unique characteristics. Our service ensures that stored water remains pure and safe for use, employing cleaning and maintenance techniques tailored to these types of facilities.

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Proper spa water treatment is more complex than pool treatment due to the smaller water volume and its temperature. Professional monitoring guarantees the correct healthiness of the water through control of dosing and filtration, resulting in significant water consumption savings.

Pool projects in Mallorca

Quality and Commitment
in every project

Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Project in Sencelles 2024

Pool Grouting Service with Salt Chlorination.

Repair of joints and mosaic tiles with installation of salt chlorination for a residential pool in Sencelles.

More information
Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Project in Santa Maria 2024

Pool Grouting Service

Repair of joints and mosaic tiles in a residential pool, Santa María (Mallorca).

More information
Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Project in Montuiri 2024

Comprehensive Pool Repair Service

Mosaic tile repair and waterproofing in a residential pool in Montuiri.

More Information
Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca

Project in Deià 2024

Specialized Service for Pool Leak Solutions

Waterproofing and Pipe Sealing for a residential pool in Deià.

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Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca



Swimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool MallorcaSwimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool MallorcaSwimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool MallorcaSwimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool MallorcaSwimming Pool Company Mallorca | Pool Mallorca
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  • Very professional, they offer great service and advise on problems that may arise beyond the installation of the equipment.

    Daniel Aguilo Ferretjans

  • Honesty and professionalism above all. I 100% recommend this company. A before and after in the maintenance and enjoyment of our pool.

    Elio Fedullo

  • I recommend them, they are great professionals, qualified staff, quick to get in touch, friendly, they have very good quality in their materials and good prices. I recommend this company for the whole year and you forget about the maintenance of the pool waters, they do it for you. MANY THANKS FAMILYPOOL

    M Teresa Mora

  • Excellent team, very efficient and professional. Second season working with this magnificent team and they are always there when most needed. I recommend them 100% THANKS to the Familypool team.

    Cesar Cruz

  • Incredible attention, very good service, and very good prices. I totally recommend it!

    Estefania Ferrer

  • Specialized professionals, a competent and responsible company in their work. Technician Inés takes care of my pool and garden as if they were her own. 100% recommended company. Thanks!

    Quique Perez

  • Perfect pool maintenance throughout the year and the same for repairs. Fast and efficient.

    Daniel Diaz Mercader

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