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When a Marratxi resident contacted us reporting serious issues with the joints and loss of mosaic tiles in their pool, we traveled to their residence to provide a free diagnosis. Thanks to this diagnosis, we identified that the pool required a renovation of the joints and mosaic tiles, thus we provided the client with a no-obligation quote, which they accepted.

This 2023 project highlights our specialization in pool renovation and maintenance, offering durable and aesthetic solutions throughout the town of Marratxi, Mallorca.

Steps for a Renewed Pool

The central issue lay in the empty joints, which allowed algae growth, and the loss of mosaic pieces, affecting both functionality and aesthetics of the pool. Our solution was a multifaceted approach that included:

  1. Draining the Pool: A crucial step to access and fully assess the extent of the damage.
  2. Deep Cleaning: We used specialized products to eliminate algae, CYA, and lime deposits, preparing the surface for repairs.
  3. Mosaic Tile Repair: We restored the affected areas, replacing lost mosaic tiles and ensuring a uniform and attractive appearance.
  4. Application of Epoxy Resin: We chose epoxy resin for pool "salting," known for its strength, durability, and excellent finish, providing an impenetrable barrier against future issues.

After meticulously applying the epoxy resin, we allowed the product to dry for a minimum of 7 days. This curing period is essential to ensure adhesion and long-term effectiveness of the treatment. Finally, we proceeded to fill the pool and perform the necessary chemical adjustments to ensure a safe and pleasant aquatic environment for the summer.

Final Result: A Pool Ready to Enjoy

The before and after photos clearly illustrate the transformation of the pool in Marratxi. The results speak for themselves: a visually appealing pool, functionally safe, and ready to provide years of enjoyment.

Pool repair in marratxi | Pool Mallorca
Pool repair in marratxi | Pool Mallorca
Pool repair in marratxi | Pool Mallorca
Pool repair in marratxi | Pool Mallorca
Pool repair in marratxi | Pool Mallorca
Pool repair in marratxi | Pool Mallorca

Expert Solutions in Pool repair in marratxi

This project highlights our dedication to providing expert pool repair and maintenance services in Marratxi and surrounding areas. With a focus on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, we position ourselves as your trusted company for all things pool-related in Marratxí. Whether you need mosaic tile repair, joint restoration, or any other maintenance service, we're here to transform your pool into the perfect summer oasis.