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When the owner of a residential pool in Santa MarIa contacted us reporting serious issues with the joints and loss of mosaic tiles in their pool, we traveled to their residence to offer a free diagnosis. Thanks to this diagnosis, we confirmed the need to renew both the joints and the mosaic tiles, and we provided a detailed no-obligation quote that the client accepted.

This 2024 case illustrates our expertise in pool renovations and maintenance, providing long-lasting and visually appealing solutions in Santa MarIa, Mallorca.

Pool Revitalization Process

We identified primary issues such as deteriorated joints, promoting algae growth, and loss of mosaic tiles, compromising both the functionality and appearance of the pool. Therefore, we adopted a comprehensive approach to the solution, which included:

  1. Pool Draining: Essential for a detailed evaluation and access to damages.
  2. Thorough Cleaning: We used highly effective products to eliminate algae, CYA, and lime deposits, preparing the pool for necessary repairs.
  3. Mosaic Tile Restoration: We replaced missing mosaic tiles and rehabilitated affected areas for a consistent and aesthetic finish.
  4. Application of Epoxy Resin: We selected epoxy resin to seal the pool, valued for its durability, resistance, and superior finish, creating robust protection against future issues.
  5. Drying: After carefully applying the epoxy resin, we waited for at least 7 days for complete drying, a vital period to ensure lasting adhesion and effectiveness of the treatment.
  6. Setup: Finally, we refilled the pool and made essential chemical adjustments, preparing it for a safe and enjoyable summer.

Result: A Transformed Pool in Santa Maria

The images of the process accurately reflect the transformation of the pool, from its initial state to the culmination of the project. These photographs clearly demonstrate the meticulousness of our work, revealing a pool that is not only safe and functional but also aesthetically appealing; turning it once again into a space for family use and enjoyment.

Pool Repair in Santa María | Pool Mallorca
Pool Repair in Santa María | Pool Mallorca
Pool Repair in Santa María | Pool Mallorca
Pool Repair in Santa María | Pool Mallorca
Pool Repair in Santa María | Pool Mallorca
Pool Repair in Santa María | Pool Mallorca

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This project highlights our commitment to excellence in pool repair and maintenance services in Santa Maria. With a focus on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, we establish ourselves as your primary reference for any pool-related needs in Santa Maria. From mosaic tile repair to joint restoration and more, we're here to turn your pool into that private oasis for the summer.